A busy week

Date: 20th Sep 2015 @ 6:35pm

Wow what a busy week we have all had and you have all worked really hard. I really enjoyed listening to your own poems based on the traditional rhyme 'London's Burning'. Can you think of a new verse?

Here is one of mine:

Busy working, busy working!

Ask some questions! Ask some questions!

Fun, fun! Fun, fun!

We are learning, we are learning!


I bet yours will be much better than mine.

Adam, Eli and Phil Smith wrote:

Lots of running, lots of running,
Drink my water, drink my water,
Sit down, sit down,
I am worn out, I am worn out.

Team effort!

Mrs Cotton wrote:

Wow, a great team effort. Well done

ellie wrote:

I love school

ellie j wrote:

I think adams is the best

Elwyn and Lisa wrote:

Are you ok? are you ok?
Have you fallen? have you fallen?
Help, help! Help, help!
Call the teacher! Call the teacher!

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