Another busy week in school

Date: 22nd Jan 2016 @ 1:57pm

It's been non-stop in school again this week. Among the other action of the week, here are a few highlights.


Years 3 and 4 have been immersing themselves in Victorian England, looking at the work and the world of Charles Dickens. They have looked at workhouses and the living conditions children had to endure.


Year 5 and 6 have been working very hard on volume - not how loud an object is (although we do have some very loud objects in KS2!), but how much space an object takes up. They have learnt the formula lenght x width x depth, which helps us calculate the volume of a cuboid.
5 and 6 have also built smartphone apps to help you convert between miles and kilometres. We looked at how written methods can also help us do the same calculations on paper.
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It got very technical in Science this week as we created complex electrical circuits.

  • Doorbells for dogs.
  • Chocolate-theft alarms for when dad steals your treats for a midnight snack.
  • Parallel circuits to distribute power evenly through a set of components.


Our clay designs are taking shape. We're all feeling a little bit potty in Key Stage Two! Have a look at our latest additions; lids for our pots!

I wonder what next week will hold!

Tatham Fells CE Primary School, Lowgill, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA2 8RA