Guest bloggers - Tabitha Hannaford and Tilly

Date: 4th Feb 2016 @ 8:35am

Our guest bloggers are Tilly and Tabitha. Read about what we were up to last week. What signs of all this activity and learning have you seen around school?
Over to you, Tilly and Tabitha...


This week in science we have been making burglar alarms. We made them because we were trying to figure out a way of stopping our mothers getting their birthday presents from our rooms. We tested the burglar alarms are they were all successful. We used the burglar alarms to prank Mr Lindsay the next morning. We wrote instructions on how to make the burglar alarms that we made.  We all enjoyed seeing Mr Lindsay try out his extra comfy cushion! As you can probably see we had loads of fun with Mrs Lumb on Thursday. We now have a Key Stage Two doorbell!!


This week in history we have been learning about slavery and how Lancaster helped slavery develop.  From Britain, our ships sailed to Africa where we swapped our goods for African adults and children who have been captured. Then it’s off to the Caribbean to trade the slaves for money, sugar and tobacco. Then it’s back to Britain with the goods. This half term we have also been learning about the Romans, the Tudors, Slavery and next week we will be moving on to the Victorians.


This week in RE we have been learning about the Torah (the Jewish scroll). We have been comparing the Bible to the Torah and have also been seeing how people use the Bible differently to the Torah. We have also been identifying parts of the Torah. 

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