Date: 16th Jun 2016 @ 12:59pm


Our topic for this half term in Key Stage Two is HUNTED. Where will this topic take us? Come and see our topic board in the classroom for some key questions the children have come up with.


In Science this term Years Five and Six will need some of these links about famous animal behaviourists and naturalists.

Monday - Year 5 & 6


This morning, write a flashback about a significant moment from your time at TFS. Think back over the years.
Your flashback should use the structure: Now, Trigger, Flashback.
Remember, your writing should be full of excellent description to engage the reader. Think about how to use senses to build the world for your reader. Also, you should use these three cohesive devices:

  • Adverbial phrases (manner, place, time)
  • Ellipses
  • Repetition


Jessica, Tom, Emma, Isaac, Robbie, Harry: Click here
Libby, Mason, Hollie: Click here
Tabitha H, Tabitha N, Hannah, Tilly: Click here


Click here for your acitivity on Espresso Coding. Make a rocket turn, and slow down gradually when you stop firing the engine.

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