Week four - Autumn is here

Date: 28th Sep 2015 @ 10:07pm

We have enjoyed watching the colours change as we look out the Key Stage Two windows. From greens to browns and yellows. But some things don't change; we are aiming high all week, and Monday was a wonderful start to the week. Keep your eyes peeled for some outstanding coding appearing in our Computing blog this week.

On Tuesday we took violin outside. Have a look at our gallery.

Years 5 and 6

This week in maths, we are code-breakers. Ssshh! We will be unlocking and creating codes, to find the secrets locked within. Why not practice some code-breaking of your own at this website?

Take a look in the gallery at some of our hard work on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, our iBooks are taking shape in English. Soon they will be available to download at home. Can you choose the route to success in our non-linear narratives?

Take a look at the wooden recreation of Stonehenge Tom has built:

ellie rose jackson wrote:

I love toms work

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