Week Six - Do we HAVE to go on holiday next week?

Date: 14th Oct 2015 @ 2:00pm

There's so much wonderful learning going on this week, it's a shame that we only have two weeks of school left until half term!

Guest blogger - Harry


On Monday we have been trying to make our own games from scratch (on Scratch!). We did this by first filling in our planning sheet (have a look at the photo at the bottom of the page), and then started to create our game. Robbie and I had to debug quite a lot of things, because when our fruit was falling it didn't fall in the right place. When the bat was moving, it bounced off the side of the screen and you couldn't control it properly. We managed to fix it by taking out the bounce script. Our games should be ready to play online next week!


In History on Wednesday we found out that the Amesbury Archer got his knee cap torn off because he was running too much. We found out that he was from Europe, but he came to Britain, and that's where he died. He was buried with some archery arrow heads, and with a bronze knife. We thought that he might have been a farmer or a hunter, because he had boars' tusks on him.

Get coding!

It's European Code Week this week! Have you been coding at home this week? If so, why not share it through the comments box below.
Here's my effort. You'll need a webcam to play along at home. What high score can you get?

Ada Lovelace Coding competition
Wow! Click here. This looks really cool.

Code an Espresso Coding game involving a famous woman from history, and you could get your game published, and win the amazing prize! This is in celebration of the life of Ada Lovelace, a pioneering computer coder.

Year 5 and 6

Watch this video for more information about gears. It's really interesting!

And then why not test your knowledge with this quiz of simple and complex machinery?

Mr Lindsay wrote:

Harry, thanks so much for your blog. It has been a busy few weeks in school - what a lot we've fitted into just a short time!
I'm looking forward to reading our next guest blog!

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