Year Five and Six iBooks

Date: 2nd Oct 2015 @ 12:24pm

Choose you own adventure

We have been creating our own non-linear narratives. These are stories that don't follow a traditional structure.

We studied Choose Your Own Adventure books, and used the format to create our own adventures. From planning to producing to publishing, the children have worked really hard.

Download the iBooks below to read on your tablet at home. Look out for engaging sentence structures, complex sentences, and relative clauses.

Files to Download

Tabitha Nimmo wrote:

Haw do you download a book?

Mr Lindsay wrote:

Just click on the box, and the file should download right away.
You need to open the file with software that can open an epub file. If you're on an iPad, iBooks will do it.
I hope that helps
If that still doesn't work, ask me on Monday morning :o)

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