Nursery 2020 - 2021

Miss Morgan

Tatham Fells CE (VC) Primary School delivers maintained Nursery provision. One 3.75 hour session is offered up to 4 days a week to pupils in the term after their 3rd birthday. Children can attend just once a week or may attend all 4 sessions. Admission to our Nursery provision is coordinated by school and information can be obtained from the school. Parents are invited to complete a record of interest form for Nursery. Once we have received a record of interest form we can keep you informed of admission arrangements and deadlines.

Pupils in our Nursery have the opportunity to learn alongside other pupils in our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 class. Our provision is personalised to meet the needs of individual pupils and our mixed age setting offers opportunity for challenge and enrichment.

Feeling Safe

At Tatham Fells School we ensure that all children can explore and learn in a safe environment so that they can grow in both confidence and independence. We have access to our garden surrounding by fencing so that the children have the freedom to choose where they learn.


Stimulating Setting

We are proud to offer a rich curriculum within an extremely stimulating environment both indoors and out. We offer a range of resources to build learning experiences on. Our classroom is accessible to all children, they are able to choose their own resources to support child initiated learning. We have a wide range of resources in our outdoor area including, a large sand pit, a new play house and a dedicated reading area. There are a range of bikes, playground equipment and an activity trail for the children to build upon their fine and gross motor skills.

Learning Journeys

At Tatham Fells School we are constantly assessing each child and helping them to achieve their next steps in their learning journey. A dedicated and highly experienced team work alongside the children to ensure that they receiving a rich, challenging and exciting curriculum. Each child has their own learning journey where progress is monitored. Photographs, written work and observations are recorded in their individual learning journey.

Learning Experience

At Tatham Fells School we encourage all children to share their own personal experiences and we build these interests into planning for each session. By using the children’s personal interests we can promote curiosity and enthusiasm to learn. Our unique setting gives the opportunity for our Nursery children to work alongside both Reception and Key Stage one, this is a positive experience for all our children to be part of our wider school family. Our provision is based on each child as an individual and we ensure that we provide personalised provision for each pupil to reach their full potential at their rate of learning, constantly building on their knowledge, skills and independence appropriately.

Parent Partnership

We pride ourselves in developing relationships with our parents and children, this enables our team to work together and achieve the best for each child at our school. We are happy to share and discuss any matters that arise and will always keep parents/guardians informed of their child’s progress. We feel that this brings out the best outcomes for each individual child.

Foundation Stage Curriculum

Within the Foundation Stage Curriculum the children cover a range of areas of learning which is supported and enhanced through continuous provision.

Within the curriculum there are 7 areas of learning:

The Prime areas of learning enable us to work together in order to support all other areas of learning:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

The Specific areas of learning helps us to learn the skills that are needed for our future success in society:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Please do not hesitate to come and see our wonderful setting for yourself. Visitors most welcome!


Tatham Fells CE Primary School, Lowgill, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA2 8RA